Jon's Running Log

Run # Date Place Time Notes
  1 July 2001 Arusha, Tanzania    
1 1 Sept 2001 Hong Kong    
2 5 Sept 2001 Yangshou, China    
3 11 Sept 2001 Huangshan, China    
4 16 Sept 2001 Shanghai, China    
5 17 Sept 2001 Shanghai, China    
6 25 Sept 2001 Beijing, China    
7 6 Oct 2001 Hoi An, Vietnam    
9 8 Oct 2001 Hoi An, Vietnam    
10 9 Oct 2001 Saigon, Vietnam    
11 10 Oct 2001 Saigon, Vietnam    
12 11 Oct 2001 Saigon, Vietnam    
13 15 Oct 2001 Chiang Mai, Thailand    
14 17 Oct 2001 Chiang Mai, Thailand    
15 18 Oct 2001 Chiang Mai, Thailand    
16 21 Oct 2001 Koh Tao, Thailand    
17 13 Nov 2001 Singapore    
18 19 Nov 2001 Hamilton, NZ 45:00  
19 23 Nov 2001 Napier, NZ 46:00 Great run about 100m from the shoreline.  Surface: road & grass
20 28 Nov 2001 Te Anau, NZ 48:00 Ran along with Heidi on a bike, through town then back and along a dirt road
21 29 Nov 2001 Te Anau, NZ 50:00 Along the dirt road from yesterday, around Te Anau lake
22 2 Dec. 2001 Kaikoura, NZ 1:02:00 Ran along SH1 for about 2k then on a small road about 150m from shoreline (11.2k)
23 4 Dec. 2001 Kaikoura, NZ 45:00 Same run as day before but for shorter time
24 6 Dec. 2001 Hamilton, NZ 46:10 Ran along the river again, only this time going the other way along the river.  Fell on a turn on the wooden walkway
 25  7 Dec. 2001 Russell, NZ  45:00  Lots of hills, one was 5 min. uphill at about 1/2 stride b/c it was so steep.  
 26  9 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU  37:11 Running in the evening, still very hot and humid
 27 11 Dec. 2001  Cairns, AU 42:11 Got up at 6am, out by 6:45, still hot.  Need to try to get up earlier so it may be cooler 
 28 12 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 46:11 Finally ran for 45min in Australia!
 29 14 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 50:00 Ran for 50min.  Took a week to adjust to the heat but it's done.
 30  16 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 1:10:11 First long run in Australia.  Shooting for 1:15-1:20 for next one.
 31  18 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU  50:11  Lots of dead & smooshed frogs on the shoulder of the road
 32 19 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 40:11 4 sets of fartleks, 2 min each; 3 min. between each set
 33  21 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 50:11 Ran around the botanic garden, to McDonald's and turned around and came back by the gardens again
 34 23 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 1:10:00 Had to wake at 4:15am b/c we had to be at the dive boat before 7am!  It was nice and cool though since I was back before the sun was even shining directly on Cairns
 35  27 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 50:12 Ran past the diveshop to Sheridan, past shop again, back home
 36  28 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 40:00 Speed workout:  5 sets of 2 min., 3 min. between
37 29 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 50: 16 Ran through downtown Cairns
38 31 Dec. 2001 Cairns, AU 45:00 Ran through downtown Cairns
39 1 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 45:10 Ran through downtown Cairns--lots of garbled "Happy New Years"; also had a great sunrise for the New Year
40 6 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 45:00 Normal run through d/t Cairns
41 7 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 45:00 Speedwork day, 10 min. warmup, 1--2:00 fast, 3 min normal; 2--2:20 fast, 2:40 normal; 3--2:45 fast, 2:15 normal; 4--2:30 fast, 2:30 normal; 5--2:20 fast, cooldown
42 8 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 45:01 Normal run through d/t Cairns
43 9 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 50:15 Was supposed to be long run day but got out after 7am and it was too hot!
44 12 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 50:01 Hopefully future runs will be 50 min
45 13 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 45:00 Speedwork day, 10 min warmup, 1-2:00 fast, 3 min normal; 2-2:30 fast, 2:30 normal; 3-3:00 fast 2:00 normal; 4-2:30 fast, 2:30 normal; 5-2:00 fast, cooldown
46 14 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 50:03 Run felt good.  Ran N. to end of mangroves then down Esplanade to the hotel at the pier and turned around.
47 16 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 50:00 Stayed up till 2am watching Letterman and slept in today; didn't run until after 1pm.  Was supposed to be long run day
48 19 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 55:01 First day that it was noticeably cooler, which was nice for a change
49 21 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 55:00 Speedwork day, 10 min warmup, 5-2:30 min speed sets w/3 min cooldown between
50 25 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 50:01 First day running after strep.  Forgot to run for 55:00 but was good to get out again
51 26 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 56:00 Nice run, through the Gardens, to McD's then through Edgehill and around the other side of the Gardens, by the Tanks art center
52 27 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 1:15 Longest run to-date.  Really sunny, bring money next time for a cold drink.  Ran by the nice houses up on the hill by the Gardens - nice views
53 29 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 27:04 First day of marathon program - 3mi
54 30 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 55:00 Day 2 of program - 6mi
55 31 Jan. 2002 Cairns, AU 27:22 3mi, nothing to say really - ran north past mangrove swamp
56 1 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 55:00 Got up at 4am again because we were doing our o/w dives for AI portion of IDC
57 3 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 1:45:00 Longest long run to date.  Ran in the evening so I could sleep in on one of two days off during IDC
58 5 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 27:40 3mi recovery run after long run
59 6 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 54:15 6mi during the week long-run
60 7 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 28:00 3mi run
61 10 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 1:25:00 9mi long run, rest week. Skipped Sat's run b/c Monica and Martin were in town.
62 12 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 28:30 3mi run
63 13 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 1:03:32 7mi run
64 18 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 40:00 4mi run to N. end of Esplanade, down to Pier and back to N. end of Esplanade then home.  First run after being sick and then the IE
65 19 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 1:10:11 7mi run near diveshop then over to Palm Royale hotel (where we did IE) then just about to the Botanic Gardens, turned around and came back same way
66 23 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 1:10:11 7mi run the night we got back from the boat.  Tripped over a cane toad, saw about a dozen more
67 24 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 2:32:23 Grueling long run, didn't get home until 9:30pm.  Saw a few huge fruit bats once it got dark...asked myself why I'm trying to do 2 marathons this year!
68 26 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 37:01 First run after running 15m Sun. night--not quite as quick as usual, muscles tight
69 27 Feb. 2002 Cairns, AU 46:00 5m run, better than yesterday's, not as tight as yesterday
70 9 Mar. 2002 Airlie Beach, AU 1:19:00 First run after getting sick.  Ran at night on a road that eventually had no shoulder and was WAY dark...kind of scary b/c cars couldn't see me very well
71 10 Mar. 2002 Hervey Bay, AU 2:30:00 Second run after being sick.  Weather was really nice, ran along the Esplanade in Hervey Bay up to the Point.  Ran for 62min before the running path finally ended just after the point
72 12 Mar. 2002 Brisbane, AU 51:04 5mi run in Brizzy.  Ran to the xxx Bridge and crossed to Kangaroo Point; great weather, not as humid and a bit cooler.
73 13 Mar. 2002 Brisbane, AU 1:20:00 8mi run.  Ran along the river on the city side of the water, through town and eventually to the professional industrial parks (XXXX Beer, Sony, etc.).  Thought people were looking at me during the last 10 min of run...when I stopped I looked down and R nipple was bleeding!  Again, not as humid and cooler than up north.
74 14 Mar. 2002 Brisbane, AU 51:00 Ran across Story Bridge to Kangaroo Point.  Used band-aids--no chafing on nipples this time!
75 15 Mar. 2002 Brisbane, AU 1:20:00 Ran across Story Bridge, up river all the way up to South Bank and then over the pedestrian bridge and back downriver through the Botanic Gardens.
76 17 Mar. 2002 Byron Bay, AU 3:00:00 18mi long run.  Up to lighthouse, watched sunrise for 5min then back thru town, out of town (past bus stop) then just kept going; did see a wallaby jumping across the road about 15 meters in front of me!
77 19 Mar. 2002 Byron Bay, AU 51:00 First day of running after the 18mi. run a few days ago--my legs were so tight!
78 21 Mar. 2002 Grafton, AU 50:00 Speedwork finally.  I've recently realized that I've neglected to include speedwork in my training.  5 x 2:30 intervals
79 22 Mar. 2002 Cessnock, AU 52:00 Nice run out in wine country.  Clocked the run later in the truck--ran 1.2mi further than intended
80 23 Mar. 2002 Cessnock, AU 1:20:00 8mi run out in the country.  Just sort of ran and finally figured out a loop course so I didn't have to do an out&back, which can get a bit boring.
81 26 Mar. 2002 Sydney, AU 50:01 Nice run in Sydney.  Past the Navy boats, the W Hotel, through the Botanic Garden, around the Sydney Operahouse, Central Quay, and under the Harbour Bridge
82 27 Mar. 2002 Sydney, AU 1:22:01 8mi run, same as yesterday, past the Harbour Bridge and through The Rocks and around the shipping harbour
83 28 Mar. 2002 Sydney, AU 57:06 Ran to the Operahouse and ran 4x4 sets up the sets:  1 set=4 up/downs on the steps
84 29 Mar. 2002 Sydney, AU 45:00 Ran 5mi (most likely more) at a race pace.  Lower legs and lower quads were a bit tight after yesterdays steps
85 30 Mar. 2002 Sydney, AU 3:21:00 20mi run through Sydney. Ran across Harbour Bridge 6 times to add on additional time.  Not too bad of a run; ran on Sat. so I got the run in before we left on Sunday for LA
86 2 April 2002 Hollywood, CA 50:00 5mi run through Hollywood Hills; ran uphill toward the Hollywood sign for the first half of the run, got as close as I could without trespassing
87 15 April 2002 Cardiff, CA 41:00 5mi run along beach on PCH at Iovino's place.  Ran to Iovino's office to say thanks for everything
88 16 April 2002 Cardiff, CA 59:00 6mi run along beach on PCH at Iovino's place.  Didn't leave yesterday!
89 17 April 2002 Ventura, CA 50:00 5mi run along Foothill Rd. in Ventura, the lemon-growing capital of the US.  Ran past orchard after orchard; the smell of the blossoms was intoxicating
90 20 April 2002 Monterey, CA 60:00 Thought today was supposed to be 6mi day, was supposed to have been 3mi fast day.  The entire run was on a single track trail near Laguna Seca racetrack
91 21 April 2002 Pleasanton, CA 25:00 Thought today was supposed to have been 3mi fast day, was supposed to be 12mi day.  Ran through the little town of Pleasanton, which was a cute town
92 23 April 2002 Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma Valley) 40:00 4mi run through industrial area.  Not a pretty run but I did find 4 auto parts stores and stopped by each one to find the seatbelt cushion that Heidi was looking for!
93 24 April 2002 Ukiah, CA 50:00 Ran along the road heading toward the highway...nothing special but it was still about 6mi
94 25 April 2002 Caspar Beach State Park, CA 40:00 Nice run up the steep hill that leads away from the beach, through the private neighborhood along the cliffs.  Ran into Heidi and ran with her for a while then continued on the Cabrillo Lighthouse and turned around and came back
95 26 April 2002 Redwood National Park 35:00 3mi run with Heidi through Redwood National Park.  Beautiful run...ran along the road for a bit then came across a side road that was closed until 9am so we had the gravel road through the first-growth Redwoods to ourselves
96 28 April 2002 Portland, OR 1:12:00 12mi--last long run before the marathon next Sunday.  Ran along the Willamette Greenway trail in Portland, crossing a few bridges and passing 2 or 3 groups training for what looked like a marathon
97 30 April 2002 Seattle, WA 35:00 4mi-ran around Green Lake in Seattle.  Weather was pretty cold and a bit rainy...welcome to Seattle!  Decided this might end up being the last run before the marathon
98 5 May 2002 Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver Marathon!

4:15:13 Marathon!  Got most of my splits...there were a few spots where there either weren't mile markers or I missed them.  My plan was to do 10:00 miles until the midway point then see what I had left for the rest.  9:30-9:45 splits felt comfortable so I kept with that pace for most of the time.  Splits:

1-9:35; 2-9:39; 3-9:27; 4&5-17:48 (plus +/- 2:14 bathroom) (avg: 8:54); 6-9:31; 7-9:29; 8-9:24; 9-9:23; 10&11-20:17 (avg: 10:09); 12-9:26; 13-9:32; 14-10:18; 15-8:59; 16-9:10; 17-9:55; 18&19-19:03 (avg: 9:32); 20-9:45; 21-10:45; 22-9:24; 23-9:40; 24&25-21:29 (avg: 10:45); 26.2-10:53 (last mile was +/- 8:53).  

Best mile:  mile 26 (8:53); Worst mile: miles 24&25 (avg 10:45)

Talked to a guy with a NYRRC shirt...he was from Vancouver and was wearing his NYMarathon shirt for good luck.  Talked to another guy for a mile or so, left him at the hill around mile 14.  Left hamstring cramped up around mile 25.2, had to limp for a bit until it worked itself out.  Never really hit the wall...maybe it was miles 24&25??

Beat old PR by over 16:00!

99 22 May 2002 Cedar City, UT 32:00 First run after marathon; ran with Heidi
100 26 May 2002 Page, AZ 37:00 Speedwork on the HS track; 5 fast laps (1:40 fastest without really trying)
101 28 May 2002 N. Rim Grand Canyon, AZ 46:00 Nice trail run along the first 2.5 miles of Widforss Point Trail.  Great views of the canyon
106 9 June 2002 Hays, KS 48:00 Longest run since the marathon through hot and muggy (and flat) Hays
107 10 June 2002 Kansas City, KS 45:00 Ran in the area around Terry and Bridget's house, all of the way up to the interstate
108 12 June 2002 Florissant, MO (St. Louis) 43:00 Nice run in the neighborhood that Heidi's Grandma and Grandpa live in
109 13 June 2002 St. Louis, MO 1:03:00 Finally ran for over an hour!  Nice run down an old mining road that has been closed for years; lots of shade, which was nice in the heat
110 19 June 2002 St. Paul, MN 42:10 Hot and humid in MN!  Missed running in the dry climate of the west
111 25 June 2002 Burke, VA 43:00 Ran at 8:15am but it was already hot and humid.  Today's high was actually above 95
112 26 June 2002 Burke, VA 45:00 Woke up 30min. earlier and it was notably cooler.  It looks like we're going to have to keep getting up this early
113 27 June 2002 Burke, VA 42:57 Ran around Burke Lake (5mi, long way around) at a slow pace; I ate too much before going for the run!
114 2 July 2002 Lake House, VA 40:00 Run at Lake Anna
115 3 July 2002 Lake House, VA 50:00 Run at Lake Anna
116 4 July 2002 Lake House, VA 40:00 Run at Lake Anna
117 6 July 2002 Burke, VA 39:47 Ran at Burke Lake; nice and cool run; ran with a girl for the entire run and had a great run
118 13 July 2002 Burke, VA 42:00 Hadn't run in a week because of a cold and the fumes from painting Shannon's house...had a horrible run
119 15 July 2002 New York, NY 48:00 Ran down HRP to Ground Zero.  Stopped for a few minutes at the immense hole
120 16 July 2002 New York, NY 42:00 Ran down HRP to the decaying pier just beyond the Holland Tunnel pier
121 18 July 2002 Hyde Park, NY 48:00 Ran with Amy Schmitt around the Vanderbilt mansion and along the Hudson River
122 19 July 2002 Hyde Park, NY 34:00 Ran with Amy through the trails along the Hudson and ended up at FDR's home (Nat'l Park)
123 20 July 2002 Hyde Park, NY 44:14 Ran with Jeff & Amy; Jeff wussed out and waited for us at the bridge at the Vanderbilt Mansion while Amy and I ran on the trail along the river then met him and ran to Dunkin Donuts for bagels and iced coffee
124 21 July 2002 Hyde Park, NY 52:40 6 mile run with Amy; ran through the trails around FDR mansion...the horseflies were SWARMING. Fighting off the flies made for a bad 1st half to the run
125 23 July 2002 Burke, VA 30:00 3mi run.  Yesterday was a welcome day off after running 6 of 7 days last week.
126 24 July 2002 Burke, VA 54:43 6.5mi run. Ran to Lake Braddock (2mi) and ran sprints on the track for another 2mi then ran home. The track workout wasn't bad but probably would have been better if I hadn't run there
127 25 July 2002 Burke, VA 30:00 3mi run, nothing special
128 27 July 2002 Burke, VA 60:00 6mi run at Burke Lake; once around lake plus past picnic area and back
129 28 July 2002 Burke, VA 1:40:00 10mi; once around Burke Lake, down the trail to Lake Mercer and then back
130 30 July 2002 Burke, VA 25:23 Speed session on track at Lake Braddock.  Track was repaved one day earlier and was VERY sticky--I tripped and fell for the first time in forever
131 31 July 2002 New York, NY 54:00 6mi run in Central Park.  Great to run in the park again--the people, the city, the views.  Entered @ 84th St., ran around the north end of the park to the 72nd St. transverse and back out at 84th (started at 83rd & Lex)
132 1 August 2002 New York, NY 53:03 Ran the Park again from Alicia & Gabby's place at 83rd & Lex.  Ran same distance as yesterday, but faster
133 2 August 2002 New York, NY 53:15 Ran the park again; 6mi
134 4 August 2002 Lake Anna, VA 2:00:00 12 mi. long run.  Ran to Moody Town Rd to where it dead ends after the warm/cold water dike.  Heidi rode her bike with me while I ran--rolling refreshment stand again!
135 6 August 2002 Lake Anna, VA 25:10 3mi speed training; (4) 2-2:30 intervals.  Time to get new shoes?
136 7 August, 2002 Lake Anna, VA 50:10 5mi, down Moody Town through Jarden Island
137 8 August, 2002 Burke, VA 24:13 3mi; 5 sprints, best of 1:31, on the track at Lake Braddock
138 11 August, 2002 Lake Anna, VA 1:30:00 9mi, down Moody Town, over the bridge and just into the shaded area on the road then turned around.  Weather was nice and cool.
139 13 August, 2002 Lake Anna, VA 39:13 4mi, down Moody Town to Forest Hills neighborhood then back (ran a negative split on the return). Much hotter today than it was last week; high today of 100+
140 14 August, 2002 Burke, VA 70:00 7mi; to Burke Rd, along trail on Rolling, right on ? onto Old Keene Mill then right onto Shiplet, past the Marstall's to the end of the street and then back; high today of 100, already over 80 when I left for my run at 7am!
141 15 August, 2002 Burke, VA 40:00 4 mi
142 17 August, 2002 Lake Anna, VA 70:00 7 mi 
143 18 August, 2002 Lake Anna, VA 2:20 14 mi
144 20 August, 2002 Burke, VA 40:00 4 mi; Burke Lake
145 21 August, 2002 Burke, VA 1:10:00 7 mi; Burke Lake
146 22 August, 2002 Burke, VA 40:00 4 mi; ran at Burke Lake
147 23 August, 2002 Burke, VA 2:30:00 15 mi; ran at Burke Lake on Fri before the wiffle ball and RFL draft weekend
148 27 August, 2002 Burke, VA 40:00 4 mi; Burke Lake
149 31 August, 2002 Burke, VA 1:10:00 7 mi; 1 1/2 laps at Burke Lake
150 1 September, 2002 Burke, VA 1:49:00 11 mi; easy long run at Burke Lake.  Ran 2 1/2 laps at the lake; very humid
151 3 September, 2002 Burke, VA 33:40 4 mi; did sprints during the run, ran to Kaiser along Burke Ctr. Pkwy. 
152 4 September, 2002 Burke, VA 1:20:00 8 mi; left around 8:30, which was WAY too late.  Ran Lake Braddock Dr., to Rolling, turned around and ran behind Lake Braddock then toward home and turned on Coffer Woods to Burke Ctr. Pkwy then back home
153 6 September, 2002 Burke, VA 1:14:00 8 mi; ran down Lee Chapel to South Run, around South Run and back to the house
154 7 September, 2002 Claytor Lake, VA 2:46:00 17 mi; foggy morning.  Woke at 5:15, left at 6:30.  Ate two Chewy bars before leaving, ran with two frozen Gatorades; got hungry after about 13 miles.
155 10 September, 2002 Burke, VA 49:00 5mi; ran down Burke Ctr Pkwy, turned right at Kaiser and went left on Roberts Pkwy then back
156 11 September, 2002 Burke, VA 1:17:00 8mi; forgot to eat something before leaving :(  Hard run, legs very tired...don't know if I will do all of this week's runs.  1 Gatorade.
157 12 September, 2002 Burke, VA 50:00 5mi; ran most of the way around Lake Mercer but turned around before getting to the back of the lake
158 13 September, 2002 Burke, VA 1:20:07 8mi; ran around Lake Mercer.  After the dam at the far side the trail became single-track then thru the woods; ended up at the bridge near the fork then went to S. Run park and ran the W.Springfield XC course.  Have worn one of the new pairs of shoes for the 2-5mi runs this week and today's 8mi run with no blisters.  1 Gatorade
159 15 September, 2002 Newport Beach, CA 3:00:00 18mi; started at 6:40am, ran around park near UC Irvine then over to trail along San Diego Creek all the way to Newport Bch and then to Balboa Island.  Ran around Balboa and Little Balboa Islands then headed back to the car.  Brought 2 Gatorades with me and finished those in under 2hrs (was foggy for the whole run) and was dying of thirst when I finally came to a water fountain at 2:45:00
160 17 September, 2002 Newport Beach, CA 45:00 Quick run north along the San Diego Creek trail, up toward Irvine.  Started running around 6:50, which was a bit late since I didn't get to work until 8:50!  Remember to either leave earlier or run closer to home
161 Newport Beach, CA
162 Newport Beach, CA
163 Newport Beach, CA
164 Newport Beach, CA
165 Newport Beach, CA