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This website was originally created to track journals from the trip around the world my late husband and I took in 2001-2002.  Now it's a lovely placeholder in the vast expanse of cyberspace - a keeper of happy times and sweet memories... and more travel entries as my journey continues.  Feel free to read and enjoy.



The Story of a Trip Around the World

Rebelling against the outrageous New York City real estate market, Jon and I decided that the money for our down payment would be better used to see the world.  In June 2001 we bought two round-the-world tickets and departed for a six-month trip of a lifetime.

Dazzled by people, cultures, and experiences,  we found more places to visit and, as will happen, the six month trip was extended and prolonged.  We camped in the midst of restless lions; became surprisingly adept at Kiswahili; rafted obscure rivers; scuba dived with large, graceful sharks; drove endless miles; and met outrageous people.  After over a year of memories we ran out of money and returned to New York in October 2002 - worldly, poor, and wonderfully happy.

Four months later on February 18, 2003, Jon unexpectedly passed away at the age of 31.  It's an aching lesson to learn - that life is much too short and should always be lived to its fullest.  But he lived in exactly that way, and our trip is a gift I will always cherish.

It was Jon's wish that our journals and pictures be kept online "so everyone can share our experiences."  And here you are.   Doing exactly that.  I hope you enjoy them.

- Heidi 

Travel Journals

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The Trip

  1. Zimbabwe

  2. Zambia

  3. Malawi

  4. Tanzania

  5. Kenya

  6. Egypt

  7. India

  8. Nepal

  9. Tibet  

  10. Hong Kong

  11. China

  12. Vietnam

  13. Thailand

  14. Singapore

  15. New Zealand

  16. Australia

  17. USA

  18. Mexico

  19. Canada






Random Collections of Trip Information: 


Jon's Running Logs

Heidi's Running Logs

Unique Crossing Signs

Sunrises Around The World

Sunsets Around The World

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In loving memory of Jon Andrew Connal

7/1/71 - 2/18/03