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United States: Saint Clairsville, Ohio

We took off from our Chicago hotel and drove around looking for a Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast.  Then we hit the road and drove and drove and drove.  (again).

There really wasn’t much excitement to the day, except for the pickup truck we passed with a strange passenger in the flatbed.

Kermit Cruisin’

St Clairsville, Ohio

Finally we reached the edge of Ohio in a little town called St Clairsville.  Jon wanted to get to Pennsylvania tonight, but because we drove into the east coast time zone we decided to stop around 8:00 EST.  We stopped at the Red Roof Inn for a song, and decided to go “out” to dinner at Outback Steak House or Appleby’s.  However, Outback was out of our price range, and Appleby’s was out of cheeseburgers.  (Out of cheeseburgers?!?!  How is that possible?)

So we settled for McDonald’s – we are so tired of fast food – and took it back to the room and watched “Hannibal”.