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United States: Minneapolis, MN

It was pouring rain today, so we didn’t go out for a run.  Instead, we slept in and hung out until it was time to go to Joanna’s for lunch.  We ran out in the rain and jumped into the car, getting only partially soaked.  Then we drove to Jo’s and hung out with her for a while.  We’d originally planned to go into town and do some walking around, but we didn’t think that Paige would appreciate being dragged around in the rain.  So we decided instead to play with Paige and to go into St Paul for lunch.

Jon Building Towers for Paige

Lunch was at a cafeteria-style Italian restaurant where we ordered different dishes and carried them upstairs to eat.  Paige at first didn’t like her noodles but she perked up once we added chicken to it.  After a delicious and enjoyable lunch, we went to Blockbuster for a movie and ended up getting the third season of “Sex In The City”.  Back at Jane and Ed’s, Jo put Paige down for a nap and the three of us watched the movie.  Then Paige woke up and it was time for more baby-bonding time.

Paige and Heidi

Dinner at Chino Latino

Later in the evening, we drove into Minneapolis with Zack to a trendy restaurant called Chino Latino.  But before we met everyone for dinner, we went to a nearby bar for drinks with Joanna and Kyle and Zack.  Then we met Ed, Jane, and their other son John, at Chino Latino.

Dinner With The Gosses (L to R): Zack, John, Kyle, Heidi, Joanna, Jane, Ed, Jon

Chino Latino is a funky looking multi-level restaurant that serves family-style dishes.  The decor reminded us of a colorful Asia de Cuba, and featured some of the same types of food.  For example, we ordered fried rice with guacamole.  Very fusion!  The food was great, and we had a great time together.

The Cousins: Zack, Jon, Heidi, Joanna

After dinner, Zack, John, Kyle, Joanna, Jon and I went to a nearby blues/jazz restaurant/bar that was decorated like the underneath of a Chicago El stop.  There were tons of beers to choose from and we enjoyed listening to the blues band (from Brooklyn, by the way) and hanging out.  We stayed for a few hours and then drove home with Jo and Kyle.