Round The World TripUnited States

United States: Chicago, Illinois

We spent the morning packing up the car and saying good-bye to Ed and Jane.  Yesterday’s massive rain storm had an unfortunate result: somehow, the entire driver’s side carpet of the car is soaking wet.  It doesn’t appear that there was a leak, because nothing else in the car is wet (seats, walls, etc are all dry).  So somehow the water leaked up from below.  Jon thinks it’s because of a missing plug on the bottom of the body on the driver’s side.  Either way, the stuff we had on the floor (camera and a few books) are soaked.  This made Jon very, very unhappy and he spent a good hour trying to dry out the car.

The Cheese Chalet, Wisconsin

Then we hit the road and drove as far east as we could in a day.  As we passed through Wisconsin, however, we made a point to stop by a cheese factory since we didn’t stop last time through.  As we got off the freeway, I pointed out an interesting site to Jon and he insisted that we stop for pictures.


The Pink Elephant

Then we drove the extra block or so to the Cheese Chalet.  This must be the town of bizarre statues, because there was a massive cow out front of the Chalet.  Jon, of course, made me pose in various hysterical places around the cow – which you can well imagine.

The Cow At the Cheese Chalet

The cheese tasting was very good, especially because I love cheese.  We bought a Dill Havarti, a Four-Year Cheddar, and some Aged Gouda for my parents.  Then we hit the road again.