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United States: Burke, Virginia


And the end of a 386 Day Round-the-World-Trip

So the grand plan was to drive to York, Pennsylvania to visit the Harley Davidson Assembly Plant.  (The one we went to the other day was the Powertrain Factory where only engines were assembled.)  Unfortunately, a call to the factory revealed that the production line was closed down so they could set up for their new 2003 line.  So no tours.  And, therefore, no York, Pennsylvania.

Instead, we headed home.  Home – being the place where Jon and I grew up: Northern Virginia.

We thought we’d surprise my parents, but then Mom called the mobile phone because she had “a feeling” we’d be coming home today.  So no surprise, just a wonderful reunion.

We reached my parents’ house in Burke, Virginia around 4:30.  And after over a year away, it was wonderful to see them.

Mom, Heidi, and Dad

It’s Good to Be Home!

The plan is to stay here in Northern Virginia for a while.  Mom and Dad have a little “guest apartment” in their basement that’s perfect for us.  And our sublettors are happy to stay in our NYC apartment for a while longer.  So until AT Kearney tells me I have a job, we’ll probably stay here for a while and get some hourly-wage jobs to help pay the bills.

As a result, subsequent journal entries will be less than thrilling.  I’m sorry to say: this will probably be the final journal entry.  I know that – technically – we haven’t gone “Around The World” until we return to our New York apartment.  But we’re really not going to have anything exciting to talk about.  

And – frankly – I’m getting tired of writing.  

It’s been 386 journal entries, give or take a few.  They’ve been a great way to log our trips and crazy antics and I’m thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to provide friends and family (and some strangers) with entertainment.  It’s been a lot of fun.  But – as is evidenced by my recent week-long delays in uploading – I’m getting lazy with regard to the journals.  So I think it’s time to throw in the towel.

The travels haven’t ended – just slowed down.  We’re going to New York City in a few weeks, and I’ll be meeting with my girlfriends in North Carolina for a reunion in the end of July.  For “special” trips like these, I may take the time to upload stories and pictures.  But I think it’s safe to say that The Connal Round-The-World-Trip has come to an end.  (Despite all our attempts to prolong it.)

Thanks to everyone who’s logged on and laughed/cringed/smiled/etc at our stories.  It’s been a great experience writing them.

Don’t be a stranger!!  You know our emails!