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Tibet: Lhasa

Yet again, I have caught what Jon had.  The vomiting began around 1:00AM and continued pretty consistently every 30-45 minutes until 6:00AM.  After that, let’s just say that I was really sick and leave out the gory details.  Suffice it to say that even water wasn’t going to stay in.  Jon is feeling better, although he’s not ready to get out of bed.  So we lay in bed all day, wishing we were home or at least had our own bathroom.  Laura and Mark – kind people that they are – brought us water and crackers and continued to check in on us throughout the day.

By 3:00, Jon was feeling sufficiently recovered and went out to the Internet Cafe.  He also went to the Barkhor Kora market to get prayer flags and material for Mom’s quilt.  I was not going anywhere and couldn’t even motivate myself to open my book, Seven Years in Tibet.

At 7:00, he went to the nightly group meeting and reported back to me before leaving for dinner.  The group has finally decided what to do about Sangaye – our adopted Monk with tuberculosis brothers (see August 15).  We will give him the information we collected about the free TB clinic and take up and anonymous collection among the group.  This final idea was prompted by Jon, who was concerned about the rifts the topic was causing among the group.  So all his consulting experience has actually paid off here in Tibet.  A plastic bag was passed around in which people could contribute whatever they felt appropriate.  Thank goodness that’s over!

We leave early tomorrow morning for Samye, and I’m not looking forward to the trip.  But my saving grace is that Jon feels much better today, so I can look forward to a recovery at some point tomorrow as well.