Career Epiphany

Many of us reach a point in our lives in which we’re ready for “the next thing” – the whole-hearted thing. We’ve worked hard for decades, for our families and our livelihoods. But we’re ready for a different career – a different path – one that will fulfill our passions and our souls.
It’s not retirement, but’s a step away from our current stressful lifestyle¬†and toward our hearts.
The Career Epiphany Coaching package is a 10-session journey into your purpose and values, your options, what obstacles are in your way, and your plan to move forward. During our time together, we’ll go deep into:
  • Your personal story
  • Your purpose and values
  • The options you know – and those you don’t know
  • Your financial model between now, Career 2.0, and retirement
  • Your action plan for moving forward

You’ll emerge with a new energy for your purpose and vision in life, and a solid plan for how to get there.