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Saturday, July 18, 2009 – NYC to Seattle

After our 2008 trip to the icebergs and glaciers of Antarctica one might think that Shannon and I have a preference toward cold-weather vacations. That’s just not true, though it’s hard to believe since we willingly picked a two-week vacation to Alaska. My dive shop, Pan Aqua organized a trip to Alaska with the Nautilus Explorer, and it sounded like a fabulous adventure – even if no passport was required.

I left on Saturday afternoon with my two 49-pound bags (one scuba gear and one regular clothes) and flew into Seattle to meet Shannon at the “World’s Largest Doubletree”. We walked across the major intersection for a chicken salad at Dave’s Diner, where only the lounge was still open at 10PM Seattle time and the only people there – other than the waitress and us – were four fisherman (with mustaches) who played Guns ‘N Roses over and over on the jukebox.

Nothing else to report. Just bedtime!