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May 14, 2007: Crossing back to Costa Rica

We traveled all day to return to Puntarenes, CR, but it was a beautiful, calm, sunny day on the ocean so the crossing was lovely. I spent much of it outside in the sun – save the moments where I cleaned my gear and packed up my belongings. I’m still trying to finish the book “Shadow Divers” and must be done with it before we leave the boat tomorrow morning. Difficult, though, when the gentle motion of the boat and the sound of the engine lulls me to sleep. Even more difficult when dolphins come out to play in the wake of the boat. Who can read when such fun is happening around us?

The view from the bow of the boat

Dolphins playing off the bow

Two of the dolphins had remorays attached to their skin, and they used the wake and force of the water to dislodge them – but to no avail. Remorays are tricky little suckers. Literally.

This was a nice way to end the trip, with a dolphin send-off and a calm, sunny day. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just get a job on a dive boat and live out of a hut somewhere, but i know I’ll get back to NY and will quickly submerge myself back into the culture and fun of the city. The ocean will still be here for my next adventure.