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Friday, July 31, 2009 – Seattle

Friday, July 31, 2009 – Seattle

Shannon and I caught an 7:30 early morning flight to Seattle with Peter and Robin. I had begun to show the signs of a cold, so I fell asleep on the plane and didn’t wake up until the airplane touched down (which, in hindsight, wasn’t that long since it was only a 35 minute flight). We checked in, delighted that our room was ready early, and spent some time surfing the internet to plan our day.

Pike Place Market

First stop was Pike Place Market, where we wandered the booths and shopped for souvenirs before lunch.

Killer view from our Westin hotel room

Pike Place Market

For lunch we met my good friend Dana and her family (Lisa, Alli, and Mom and Dad) who were also in Alaska this last week on a cruise. They were in Seattle for only a few rushed hours, so we ate at Lowell’s in the market. The wonderful blackened salmon tacos were a big hit at our table, as were the Target flip-flops that three of us were wearing. And Alli’s a hit too – she’s about to host her own show on Fuse called “The Pop Show” – first airing is Tuesday 8/25 at 7PM EST. Set your DVRs!

I’m sorry to say that there are no pictures to mark this special but rushed Hagendorf luncheon, but I want to give a big shout-out to Steve for treating us and to the Hagendorf girls for keeping us entertained with their stories of humpback bubble net feeding. (Still very jealous over that one)

Afterwards Shannon and I went back to the market to leisurely stroll and shop, and to check out the fish-throwing at Pike Place Fish Market. We also took part in an intricate taste-test of cooking/marinade oils for Mindy. Though the vendor was John Spenger’s of Napa Valley and we were in Seattle, that didn’t stop us from buying a ridiculous amount of cooking oil for Mindy and ourselves. I also bought some wheat pasta made by Pappardelle’s Pasta for Mike, too.


Home of the flying fish

Catching a big something

Playing with my focus

All that lunching, sampling, and shopping in the outrageous heat (Seattle was almost as hot as Vancouver) had sucked our energy. A large chocolate chip cookie and a nap were in order.

Shannon and our Cookie
Space Needle

Post-nap, we went to the Seattle Space Needle to take pictures in the late afternoon light. Shannon taught me a few things about my camera and we toyed with settings, exposures, and lighting.

View from the top of the Space Needle

Shannon and the view

As we left the Space Needle the light reflected beautifully off the Experience Music Project which – if you didn’t already know – was designed by Frank Gehry and was “inspired in part by the image of a shattered Fender Stratocaster”. It’s a gorgeous building so we spent some time playing in the reflections of color and shapes.

Space Needle(s) and the Experience Music Project

Shannon turned me pink
Picture by Shannon


After a shower and some packing we walked to Belltown at a tapas place called Black Bottle. A lovely way to end our trip with some delicious dishes. We went back to the room to pack and to shut down for the night.

View from our hotel room
Picture by Shannon