Day 19: NYC



The Real World.

Woa that’s a lot of laundry

I was back in my apartment by 9:00AM Sunday morning, and before I tackled the mountains of laundry I decided to treat myself to a welcome-home Murray’s Bagel. As I stood bundled up on line to pay for the outrageously priced cream cheese, the music changed and Rupert Holmes’ voice came over the speakers. If you like pina coladas…. I instinctively looked around for Mindy and Shannon to share the laugh, but instead I was surrounded by strangers who didn’t get the joke.

But a half an hour later Shannon sent a text:
“If you like cold empanadas
And getting stuck on a train.
If you’re not into blood sausage
And don’t want to eat brain.
Then you could meet me by tomorrow noon
And we could jet far away…”

How long until our next vacation?