Day 17: Iguazu to Buenos Aires

Aeropuerto Iguazu

We weren’t sure whose idea it was to stay out until all hours of the night when we had a morning flight to catch. But it wasn’t a very good one.

We were not moving very quickly this morning. When Luis the cab driver found us in the hotel restaurant, we were slowly sipping our coffee/tea and not actually speaking. Of course he was full of fun and life at 8:30 AM, so happy to drive us to the airport and to answer our questions about why the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad (which was sitting on his dashboard) was life-changing. We were happy to let him talk and talk because then we didn’t have to.

At the airport we discovered our 10:00 flight was delayed to 11:30. Sure would have liked that extra hour of sleep. Instead we passed the time in the airport cafe writing in our journals, snoozing, and – of course – laughing at the photos we’d taken the night before.

Shannon, catching some zzzzzs

Mindy, dreaming of her travel pillow

When they finally called our flight it was to stand in one looooong line to get through security so we could wait in yet another waiting room for the flight to actually board. (It’s Argentina. Things move with painstaking, inexplicable, and irrelevant slowness. We just go with it.)

Buenos Aires
Back at the familiar Hotel Rochester, it took a few hours to get us checked into our triple room. But since it was rainy and overcast outside we weren’t in any big rush. When we finally emerged we walked around Florida Avenue before looking for a market. By this point we’d been to Florida Avenue so many times that we would walk into a shoe store and say, “We’ve already been here…” Pretty funny, actually.

With shopping bags
The market at the Plaza Mayor had closed, but we did stumble across a mercado selling all sorts of arts and crafts.

The Mercado
Dinner Out
For our last night in BA we showered and got all dolled up for a special dinner out. Bar Uriarte was a wonderful restaurant in Palermo with a tempting “happy hour”, a cool kitchen in the front of the space, delicious steaks with chimchurri sauce, and a lovely second floor art gallery / bathroom. We indulged in the happy hour and lingered over our bottle of wine, slowly ordering food and enjoying this last night of our very special holiday.

Bar Uriarte

At Bar Uriarte (Shannon’s pic that I pilfered from her Flickr site)

Empty wine glass, for our last night in BA