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Costa Rica Day #7: Playa Del Ocotal

Thursday, September 29 – Playa Ocotal, CR
My last day of diving. *sniff* We had a pretty full boat since a number of Spaniards decided to join us, but they were rather inexperienced and so the dive staff (who I know well by this time) decided to send them down separately. Jan, Cal and I were quite happy to be off on our own since we dive well together. This proved to be even more true on the second dive, when all but one of the Spaniards opted out of a second tank (who does that? Who turns down a dive?). This one diver was all over the place underwater, running into the reef, the dive masters, and anyone who happened to be within a five foot radius of him – which we had to be because visibility was so awful. After thirty minutes of rough current, awful visibility, and an inconsiderate diver, I quit the dive and returned to the boat. Despite the less-than-ideal dive conditions I still live by the idea that “a bad day diving is better than a good day at the office” because… well… it just is.

More lazing around and reading *are you noticing a trend?*, though Shannon got a motivated streak and took a bunch of pictures. We had dinner at the resort instead of in town since we were running low on cash and couldn’t seem to find an ATM – which was our convenient excuse for why we should be lazy and not leave the grounds. Besides, CR really isn’t known for its cuisine so it’s not like we were missing anything. *g*