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Costa Rica Day #6: Playa Del Ocotal

Wednesday, September 28 – Playa Ocotal, CR
It was pouring this morning when I woke up for my 8AM dive. That’s what we get for coming here in the rainy season, but of course this didn’t stop the dive boat from venturing forth. Visibility was pretty rough because of all the rain and the second dive had to be scrapped completely due to heavy current. Instead, the dive masters anchored off an island and led us up a path to see some monkeys. Actually, it was more like a slick, wet mountain that we had to scramble up to keep our footing, but it was still fun.

There were only two other people on the boat today – Cal from Chicago and Jan from Cleveland. They dove with me yesterday so I had the chance to get to know them quite well. Cal is retired and is enjoying some time to see the world. His next stop is a small town outside San Jose, where he’ll take a week-long Spanish Immersion class. Sounds like fun, actually. Jan is here with her husband and her (line-backer sized) 26-year-old son.

The rest of the afternoon was spent much like the day before – reading, snacking, and drinking Pepsi Lights. (Shannon, the Diet Coke connoisseur, declared Costa Rican “Coke Light” to be virtually undrinkable and imposed a temporary substitution with Pepsi Light) It rained for most of the afternoon but cleared up in time for a lovely sunset.

Dinner was in Playa del Coco at a restaurant called “Louisiana”. Food was good, but more importantly my pina colada arrived overflowing with frills and silly stuff. I couldn’t resist a pic: