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Costa Rica Day #4: More Rafting!

Monday, September 26 – Pacuare River, CR
We hung out with the girls until it was time for them to leave on their big rainforest hike to a village in the mountains, where they’d see the local shaman. After they left Shannon and I lazed around on the hammocks in the common area, watching the wasps make nests in the roof and waiting for our raft to arrive. When it finally did, it had two white-water guides: Andreas and a guide-in-training whose name I never quite got.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Andreas. Andreas was HOT. I mean, really really hot. And it didn’t take us more than a few minutes to discover he certainly knew it. His “training plan” included lecturing the guide-in-training constantly in a harsh, patronizing voice that grated on everyone’s nerves. I may not speak Spanish, but after 15 minutes of listening to him harp I was ready to toss Andreas into the water. Three more hours of this was *not* what I had in mind – not to mention that rafting down a river with only four people in a nine-person raft is no fun. Without the weight and arm-power of multiple people the only thing you can do is coast gently through the easier (adrenaline-free) rapids.

So this trip wasn’t nearly as fun as the day before with the girls, but the weather was lovely and the scenery spectacular. And really, how can anyone complain when you’re riding down a river in Costa Rica? It was gorgeous. Toward the end of our rafting trip we reached a canyon without rocks or white water; just a narrow, gentle flow of river between two steep cliffs of lush green vegetation. Andreas told us we could jump in and float through the canyon if we liked, and we did. What a nice way to end the trip.

The bus drove us an hour and a half back into San Jose, where we settled in, showered, and went to an Italian place for dinner.