Day 13: Ushuaia to Buenos Aires

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Goodbye Polaris
The boat docked in Ushuaia sometime after midnight, and we were woken one last time to Stephen’s “Good moooooorning, ladies and gentlemen. Good morning!” wake up call. We finished our packing and had breakfast in the dining room before saying our goodbyes, leaving the Polaris, and catching the bus to the airport. Only about 30 of us were flying to Buenos Aires – the rest had plans for further travel in and around southern Argentina. We, however, had plans to the north.

Pouty Mindy and Shannon, boarding the plane. So sad Antarctica is over.

Day 2: Buenos Aires

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The flight was uneventful and we arrived in Buenos Aires relatively on time and super hot since the weather was a muggy 90 degrees. We found Shannon in the hotel lobby – the Hotel Rochester – who told us the desk staff apparently had difficulties determining which room was which, so they encouraged us to “have a drink at the bar” while they sorted it all out. Slightly annoying since we wanted to shower off the airplane, but it gave us a chance to catch up and to plan the few hours we had for little sight-seeing and a bit of shopping.