3/13/10 – Cayo District to Belize City to NYC

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Rain Forest Morning

Mike’s alarm went off at some ungodly hour in the morning.

I groaned, “What IS that?”
Mike: “That’s my alarm.”
Me: “Why?”
Mike: “I want to see the jungle in the morning.”

He was up and out the door quickly, and I was left grumbling to myself and grumpy that I was awake at 6AM. And *then* I was grumpy that he was out seeing cool things and I was still in bed. So I rallied, grabbed my camera, and went out to find him laying in a hammock watching the morning birds.

Morning Hammock Time

3/12/10 – Cayo District

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Advance warning: I accidentally left my camera at the lodge this morning, so this entry is sadly picture-free except for a few I’ve pilfered from the Internet. This is especially sad since we had so many “firsts” – not to mention a gorgeous light all day long. But if you stick with it – despite the lack of photos – you might read about someone eating termites. That’s all I’m going to give away.


3/11/10 – Cayo District

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We woke for an early 7AM breakfast before leaving to Caracol, Belize’s biggest Maya Ruins. Though the distance was probably only 30-40 miles, it was a long, 2 hour drive through bumpy, dirt-covered roads to get there. We got to practice both our manual-driving and our four-wheeling skills all in one, and we’re so proud of little Jimmy for handling the harsh terrain and for not being intimidated by the occasional passing of a bigger truck with better shocks.

Manly Mike on the little bridge to Caracol


3/10/10 – Ambergris Caye to Cayo District

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Since we only had a few hours left on the island, we had grand plans of getting up for some “early beach time”, but the lure of sleeping in won us over. This means we got up at 8:00, had breakfast, and spent the next hour packing.

Our flight was to Belize Municipal Airport rather than the Belize International Airport because the Municipal was cheaper. Though oddly enough we stopped first at the International and then got back into the air for the 4-minute flight to the Municipal. Not quite sure how that logic works, but the pilots told us it had something to do with the fees at the International airport. Fine by us, though.


3/7/10 – Ambergris Caye

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It’s a Dive Day! Those are the best kinds of days. We had an early breakfast at the restaurant at 7:30 and then walked down to the dive center to get our gear and setup for the dive.

Dive #1: D&B’s
This was Mike’s first Open Water Dive. He’d done all the classroom work and the pool work, and was now ready to embark on his first dives. The surface was especially choppy, and Mike was over-weighted which made buoyancy difficult, but it was great to dive in warm water again. (My last dive was in a dry suit in Alaska’s 50 degree water). We shared our little boat with a man named Bob from Colorado, our divemaster Alex, and our captain Lewis. And here’s a funny fact for Mike’s first dive: as we descended, just below him on the reef were three reef shark. It took me years to get to see sharks, and he got them on his very first certification dive.

Diver Mike

3/6/10 – NYC to Belize

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Belize has long been on my list of “places to go”. Its one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean, not to mention a country I’ve not yet visited. So when the opportunity came up to take a quick week vacation (because anything that’s not two weeks is definitely a “quick” vacation) – I took it with my boyfriend at the time, Mike.