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August 5 – Isla Mujeres to NYC

Departure day. I know I say this in every journal, but it’s always true: departure day is a sad day. E and I caught the first ferry off of the island at 8AM so we could get to Cancun International in time for his 11:00 flight and then my 12:20 flight.

E at the ferry dock

Our luggage. For the record, only the middle bag is mine; all the rest is photography equipment.

Turns out Eric was looking at his departure time in Pacific Standard Time, so really his flight wasn’t until 1:00. To pass the hours we sat at a restaurant in my terminal and split a huge Cuban sandwich and order of fries. The breakfast of champions. At 11:00 I left to go through security and to get on my plane, where I had an entire exit row to myself. No exciting stories on this flight – just a bad Jennifer Aniston movie (the Bounty Hunter… safe yourself two hours and don’t watch it) and some napping. I was home around 6:15, unpacked by 7:00, and eating a lovely homecoming dinner with Mike at 8:00. Thank goodness I don’t have to be back at work until Monday.