9/25: Whales Day 7


09252014 Sunrise


09252014 Breakfast Al Fresco
Breakfast Al Fresco with Eck and Serene

We had to say goodbye to Eck at 7AM – he left early to get back to Singapore for his daughter and a birthday party. People leaving early is always a sign that vacation is coming to an end.

09252014 Morning Hunt
Morning Bird Hunt

We had a 9AM boat time once Alan got back from town. Like the day before, there were more swells and lots of wind. Luckily, we had a few drops with a mama, baby and escort. On the first drop they turned and swam right by us – practically beneath Gary – it was so beautiful. On the second drop they swam beneath us.  And on the third, they swam past and away.

09252014 Whale In Reef
Mama and Baby in the Reef – Rough Waves


09252014 Mama Baby Escort (4)
Mama, Baby, and Escort


09252014 Mama Baby Edit
Mama and Baby


09252014 LL Breach (2)
Breach (photo by Laura)


09252014 LL Breach (4)
Showing Off for the Boat (photo by Laura)


09252014 LL Breach (5)
Fun Breach (photo by Laura)
09252014 Mounu
Docking at Mounu


Alan joined us for dinner and told us the story of how he get to the King of Tonga to agree to sell him Mounu Island. He gave him “a pig and two fish” – which we all agreed would be an excellent name for his memoir.

09252014 Alan (1)
Alan – “A Pig And Two Fish”


09252014 Wine (2)
My Wine Marker


09252014 Storytime


09252014 Storytime (5)


09252014 Storytime (11)
Gary’s Storytime: All About Ginger


09252014 Crab Hunt (4)
Crab Hunt