9/24: Whales Day 6

We did a lot of fishing from the boat. They caught a marlin but it broke free before it could be reeled in.

09242014 Daily Catch (1)
Marlin Fishing


09242014 Rough Toothed Dolphins
A wonderful school of rough toothed dolphins


09242014 Rough Toothed Dolphins (1)
Rough Toothed Dolphin Tails


09242014 Gary and Fish
Gary and The Blue Fin Fish


09242014 Gary and Fish (3)


09242014 Ma'ata and Fish (1)
Ma’ata and Fish


Today was rough, windy, and bumpy with little to no whales. At the end of the day we got a call from another boat that they had a friendly mother/calf pair, but by the time we got there they had moved too close to a reef.  With the waves as fierce and rolling, Alan couldn’t get the boat close enough to let us in safely. If one of us got washed up on the reef there would be no way to get to us without damaging the boat. Such a shame, because the calf was essentially a big puppy dog who wanted to play. He kept rolling over onto his back and showing us his big white belly. It would have been fun to play in the water with him. A few times he came up from the water with his mouth open as if feeding. Pretty amazing, and something we’d not seen yet.

09242014 Calf Mouth Open Cropped
Calf Mouth Open


09242014 Whale Puppy Cropped
I Am A Big Puppy. Please Come In and Play With Me.

We got back to the island very late – around 4:00 – and we all disappeared from each other, tired of the day and the long ride back.

Daily Mounu Pic


09242014 Bedtime Stories
Double Storytime

Gary’s Storytime: Since we skipped Storytime last night, we had two stories to make up for.

09242014 Crab Hunting (2)
Got a Crab!