9/23: Whales Day 5

Spoiler Alert – no whale time today. They were out there and looked playful, but each time we got close they’d dive and disappear.  There were a few breaches and a few tail slapping so we’d go nearer and they would quiet down and go. A fascinating part of the morning was a pair of juvenile males who frolicked together in the waves and showed off for us.  We tried to get in the water with them but they were only in the mood to show off for the boat.

09232014 Departure
Boat Time
09232014 Ideal Island
We passed the time by earmarking our own private islands
09232014 Tail
09232014 Playful Jueveniles (4)
Playful Juveniles
09232014 Playful Tail (8)
Playful Whale
09232014 Fishing
09232014 Snorkelers
All Dressed Up… Again…
09232014 Mounu
Daily Mounu Shot

Fastest Dinner On Mounu

A sailboat anchored off the island, and the couple came to the restaurant for dinner. They were rather loud and annoying, so we whale-watchers silently agreed to skip Gary’s Storytime and hurried to the beach for a crab hunt.

09232014 Humpback in Distance
Humpback Passing The Island


09232014 Arta
Empty Arta


09232014 Crab Hunt
Otto Otto!


09232014 Milky Way OK
My Attempt: Long Exposure of the Milky Way