9/22: Whales! Day 4

09222014 Whale Time (1)
Whale time!


We were in the water within 30 minutes, as a mother and calf were just off the island.  Mom was relaxed and laid-back, and the little girl calf was shy but curious. As we slowly approached we noticed how far the calf explored from Mom and how Mom just relaxed under water.  She’d go down to about 60 feet for a snooze.  And while she rested, the calf would hang with her, come up for a breath, check out us snorkelers, circle around the boat and play, come back to see us, and then go down to Mom.  She’d do this three or four times until Mom finally, slowly came up for a breath. Then they’d both swim for a bit, and Mom would go down for another rest.  And we’d repeat the entire routine together.  We stayed with them for an hour and a half – the maximum to be with a Mom and calf – and then left so an incoming boat could experience them.

09222014 Inquisitive Calf Perspective


09222014 Inquisitive Calf (9)
Inquisitive Calf


09222014 Inquisitive Calf SM


09222014 Inquisitive Calf (26)


09222014 Mama and Calf (1)
Mama and Calf


09222014 Mama and Calf (6)
Swimming away

As if they knew we were leaving, Mom and calf both breached to say goodbye.


09222014 LL Go Pro Breach
Breach (photo by Laura)
09222014 Selfie (2)
It gets cold on the surface


A few lessons that stuck today:

1) Always find and stay close to the Mom. The calf will always come back to her, and if you chase after the calf you’ll just end up kicking all over the place

2) Let the calf come to you. Otherwise he/she will get scared away and the mom will swim off

In the afternoon we usually return to the island around 2:30 or 3:00. Tony and Emi always go snorkeling, and Eck and Serene often do as well. I find that I’m usually more inclined to nap and read. Lazy of me, but there you have it.

Gary’s Storytime: Ginger and the monkeys at the zoo

Our evening routine of Gary’s storytime accompanied by tequila continued. As did our crab hunting on the beach.

09222014 Arta (3)
Gettin’ low on the Arta


09222014 Gary Storytime (1)
Gary and Arta


09222014 Crab Hunt
Crab Hunters