9/19: Whales! Day 2

09192014 Sunrise


09192014Gary - Boat Time
Boat Time


Beautiful weather – again. But this day was very little water time and a lot of boating around the islands. No complaints there; the scenery was gorgeous and the company fun.

09192014 Calf Breach (8)
Happy calf


We ran across a number of mother/calf pairs out in the blue, but we also had a number of boats cluttering the ocean and aggravating the whales enough so they dove.  We also had a few heat runs at a distance. But everything was fast moving so we had little chance to get in.  There was one set of mama/calf in a little cove that we found, long after lunch, but they were evasive.  Each time we went in the water they went deep. We could see the white of the calf’s belly but it was down, down, down.  And when they came up for air they came up and dove deep again.

09192014White Belly (7)
Big White Bellies
09192014 Calf Breach (27)
Mama and Calf
09192014 Calf Breach (34)
Happy calf, and mama’s belly


09192014 Watching
Ma’ata and Alan, watching for whales


09192014 Watching (1)
Whale Watchers


09192014 All Dressed Up (1)
All Dressed Up, But Nowhere To go


09192014 Scenery (1)


09192014 Coy Calf
Coy Calf, diving


09192014 Mounu (2)
Daily Mounu Pic


09192014 Heidi and Mounu
Happy Heidi


09192014 The Girls
Heidi, Serene, and Emi


We were dry, but happy. We usually returned to the island around 2:30 in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day snorkeling, napping, and reading – in no particular order. This day was sand dollar hunting with Serene and Eck, then reading until the sun went down.

09192014 Shrimpish hole (1)
Shrimpish hole


09192014 Sardine Run (1)
Sardine Run


09192014Mounu Underwater
Mounu and the Sardine Run


09192014Quiet Time
Quiet sundonwer



Dinner was sashimi from the fresh catch the night before, followed by the lobster tail and our (now traditional) tequila shots.  Lots of laughter at the table tonight, sharing stories about each others’ children and teasing Gary about some cartoon character named “Peggy Pig” or something. Then we discovered he has a collection of children’s stories in his head.

Super-fresh sushi




The evening was closed up with a rousing crab-hunting round with the ever-ready Otto. He found a few and took his frustrations out on the crustaceans – having been spurned by his doggie girlfriend that day in town. Poor pup.

09192014 Crab Hunters (6)
Crab Hunters