6/30 Uganda – Departure Day

The Swiss and I travelled back to Entebbe together, and the rest of the group drove on to Nairobi. To say good-bye, I got up at 5:45 to have breakfast and with them well. We all got along quite well on this trip – despite the long, hot drives – I knew I would miss them.

140629 G Adventures Group
The gang Back: Johnson, Jackie, Brett, Maj, Xander, Steffi, J, Pam, Emmely, John, Ian Front: Johannes, Ana, Kate, Lissette, Mags, Doug
140629 BusTruck
Goodbye, Bus-truck.
140630 Campsite
My room
140630 Stoney and Smoothie (1)
A Stoney and a Smoothie
140630 Nile Monitor
Nile Monitor

140630 Campsite (3)

The Swiss and I drove together to Kampala in a van and had dinner together at the Red Chili Hideaway. Lovely Sabrina let me use her shower and extra bed for a few hours of sleep before leaving at 11:30 for a 4:00AM flight out of Entebbe. I connected through Cairo and landed in Geneva at 8:00AM, where I’d spend the next few days with one of my favorite European families: the Comptons.

140701 EgyptAir Alps
Boarding Egypt Airlines
140701 EgyptAir Alps (1)
The Alps
140701 EgyptAir Alps (2)
The Alps
140704 French July 4 (1)
A French 4th of July