6/27 Uganda – Travel Day

As Emmely and I packed up our room for our 9:00AM departure. I realized that my camelback spout was open all night and and dumped 2 liters of water in my corner of the room. Everything was drenched; my backpack, sleeping bag, laptop, my newly-dried clothes. It was a bit of a problem. I wasn’t sure my laptop would ever recover – though of course it did.

140627 Soaked Clothes
My Soaked Clothes

We left Lake Bunyoni after breakfast, and I spread my clothes out to dry. It was a long, dusty drive to Bunji (?) , as always, and part of the drive included bus-truck karaoke by our guides.

140627 Busride Kareoke
Karaoke Time

140627 Busride Kareoke (5)
Karaoke Time

140627 Ian and Kids
Ian Brought Coloring Books to Local Kids

140627 Floral Pottystop
Roadside Pottystop Flowers

That afternoon we set up camp on the grounds of a university. Lunch was guacamole and hot dog sandwiches – an odd combination. There was not much to do but walk into town, which is what most of the group did. I decided instead to sit, read, and watch my wet clothing / backpack / computer quickly dry in the African heat.

140627 Happy Campers (1)
Happy Campers

140627 Ian and the Cat
Ian, Taking Pictures of the Cat

140627 Ian and Cats
Photo by Ian

Dinner and a movie. Ana bought a DVD of Madagascar while in town, as Lizette hadn’t seen it but needed to be briefed since she was on her way there. So a group of 6-7 sat in the “bar” of the nearby building to watch it. 1/3 of the way through, I said goodnight and hit the tent.