6/26 Uganda – Lake Bunyoni

I woke up in the morning to the rude noise of Emmely’s alarm, thinking “Why in the world did Em set an alarm for so early?” It was 9:00 AM; I’d slept for 10 hours. I suppose gorilla-trekking takes a lot out of a person.

Village Visit

Five of us arranged for a visit to a nearby pygmie village: Pam and Doug, Maj, Stefi, me, our guide Tom and our boat pilot Livingston. We packed our lunches (I love my holiday pb&j sandwiches) and boated an hour across Lake Bunyoni – truly lovely. Tom shared about the Ugandan economy and culture, and soon we landed on the peninsula for the pygmie village and looked up a steep, steep incline. Day #3 of climbing; and this time in flip-flops. If I did this everyday I’d have killer glutes.

A few kids accompanied us up the hill until we reached the school at the top. There, we went into one classroom after another and listened to the students greet us and sing. It reminded me of Ghanian schools with their welcome: “You are WELcome visitors” and their rote lessons. Though this school was much more primitive than the ones I taught in Ghana – walls were made of branches and mud and 80% of the kids had no shoes. But each room sang us a few songs, and the oldest class (P3) had a few questions for us.

After the school we went to the village just up the way, where we met the locals, took photos of clamoring children, and watched as they all performed some song and dance. It was really lovely, though it’s difficult to remove yourself from the dirt, grime, and poverty that covers everyone here. You want to give them all baths, clean clothes, and school uniforms (for the ones who cannot go to school because they don’t have money).

There aren’t many true pygmies left; inter-racial mixing has diluted the gene pool. But you can recognize the facial features – wide, thick lips and a flat nose.

140626 Village Trip
Our Boat
140626 Village Trip (4)
Steffi and Maj

140626 Village Trip (9)

140626 Village Trip (15)
A Village Hill
140626 Village Trip (22)
Village Hike (with assistants)
140626 Village Trip (27)
140626 Village Trip (30)
140626 Village Trip (34)
140626 Village Trip (35)
140626 Village Trip (37)
140626 Village Trip (39)
140626 Village Trip (42)
140626 Village Trip (44)
140626 Village Trip (58)
Doug’s Map of Australia – Emu and Kangaroo too
140626 Village Trip (59)
Maj’s Intro to Denmark… and pigs
140626 Village Trip (63)
Classroom Floor
140626 Village Trip (66)
School Office
140626 Village Trip (70)
Village Kids
140626 Village Trip (76)
Big Smiles
140626 Village Trip (87)
Village Dance
140626 Village Trip (111)
Dancing and Jumping
140626 Village Trip (120)
So You Think You Can Dance


140626 Village Trip (130)
Lovely Grandma
140626 Village Trip (137)
Local Artwork
140626 Village Trip (138)
Local Artisans
140626 Village Trip (140)
140626 Village Trip (141)
Village and School
140626 Village Trip (146)
Silly Schoolboys
140626 Village Trip (153)
Village View – our boat on the bottom right
140626 Village Trip (158)
Hill to the Village
140626 Village Trip (159)
Steffi, Doug, Pam, David, and Maj

We ate our lunch on the boat ride back to the campsite. Once we landed, I spent the rest of the day on the porch of the bar with Doug and Pam, writing in our journals and comparing photos.


Dinner was the traditional Ugandan meal of mattoke, with meat, potatoes, and bananas. After the meal some of us shared tea and stories at the bar, before the air cooled and we needed to move indoors.


140626 Campsite Sunset (26)
Doug’s Journal-Writing Muse


140626 Campsite Sunset (30)
Sunset from the Campsite
140626 Matooke (1)
John, Johannes, Johnson, and Matooke
140626 Matooke (5)
140626 Laundry
Laundromat. I mean… our room.
140626 Campsite Sunset (38)
View From Our Room
140626 Socks N Sandals
Fashion Has No Place Here
140626 Matooke (10)
140627 BusTruck