5/19 “Sweet As”

Lava Tunnels

Our last day of excursions and fun began with a trip to some massive lava tunnels formed by the solidifying of the outside of a molten-lava flow years and years ago.

Liz in a lava tunnel
Climbing Out of the Tunnel

Tortoises in the Wild

The lava tunnels were on private land, and nearby was also some private land with tortoises in the wild.  (The previous ones were all in pens)  In order to get onto the land, though, we had to suit up in WELLIES!

My Wellies
Liz in her Wellies
Moss on a tree
With a Tortoise
Getting to and from the tortoises means getting through some obstacles
Liz and a tortoise shell spine
Not quite ready to come out of my shell…
Filthy from all the crawling around
More filth. (Those shorts were never the same)
Stopped by a sinkhole for pics

From there, we hopped on the ferry from Santa Cruz to Baltra and then straight to the Baltra Airport.

Ferry Ride
Amanda and Lina, chilling out at the Baltra Airport
View from the (outdoor) waiting area
Waiting area
Our Airplane
Runway in Quito

Back in our Quito hotel rooms, we took quick showers and changed into clothes for dinner at Uncle Ho’s restaurant.  This is where we spent our last night together, laughing and singing and dancing and drinking delicious drinks like “Me Love You Longtime”.

Dinks Galore
Heidi and Liz
Lina and Amanda


New Zealand Colloquialism: “Sweet As” = “I confirm that what you are proposing is good by me”

Liz left at 9PM – saying good-bye and catching her flight back to the states.  I caught a flight early the next morning.  Really a remarkable trip.

Update from December 2012:

It’s worthwhile to note that – eight months later – Liz’s frequent sea sickness and exhausted naps were fully explained:

Baby Girl Zito – due Jan 2013