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3/8/10 – Ambergris Caye

A beautiful day to wake 30 steps from the beach, eat while the sun’s coming up, and planning for more dives.

Breakfast View

Mike at brekkie

Dive #1: Holchan
This was a 75’ dive. Mike finished up his skills and then we had a really spectacular dive through some large coral canyons. We saw some graceful spotted eagle rays as well as a few grouping of fish. Mike and I ascended before the rest of the group and did our safety stop just before spotting the rays again.

Chasing after a grouper

Reef Canyons

Through a swimthrough

Simply gorgeous

Diver Mike

Shark Ray Alley
After the dive Lewis and Erik took us to Shark Ray Alley for a brief snorkel in between dives. We saw a few sting rays among the grassy shallow bottom. No sharks, though. Shark Ray Alley was shark-free this day.



Dive #2: Holchan
Wonderful shallow dive. We anchored in the grass and swam over to the sandy reef, where we gradually dove deeper and then swam around the coral. We saw two moray eels in the rocks, and a spotted eagle ray in the sandy area. Then, back in the shallows, Mike and I swam around the grass in the 15’ shallows, watching a female nurse shark swim around and a few barracuda get cleaned at a cleaning station.


Fan Coral

Fan and snails

Moray Eel

And – ladies and gentlemen – I’d like to introduce the newest addition to our diver population: Michael York. For those of you playing at home, Mike’s certification dives consisted of: 4 nurse sharks, 3 spotted eagle rays, 2 moray eels, and 1 turtle. You can’t make this stuff up, people.

Our newest certified diver, Mike
San Pedro
For lunch we walked up the beach to Blue Water Grill, where the service was horribly slow but the food was pretty good.

View from lunch

Post-dive Euphoria

Happy Heidi

Palm Tree

Then we spent some time exploring San Pedro in the daylight – since both our prior trips around town have been at night. I wandered into Ambar and emerged with a stunning hand-made Maya Jade necklace. I love places where I get to meet and talk to the jewelry maker; I can never resist buying something when I know who made it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lying on the beach. The wind was very, very strong, and when the sun eventually disappeared behind the clouds we used that as an excuse to bundle up and move to the hammocks. After 30 minutes swinging in the now-chilly wind, it was time to call it an afternoon and get ready for dinner.

Bundled in the hammock

Dinner at Elvi’s
Today was a holiday in Belize – Baron Bliss Day – so many places were closed. After wandering the streets of San Pedro for 20 minutes we finally settled on Elvi’s restaurant. The food was pretty good for a last-minute selection, and we ran into some people we dove with today: Dave and his daughter Lauren and mom Maureen.

We went by Fido’s for drinks but no one was there, so we decided to end the night because of our early Blue Hole wake-up. You’ll have to read on for that incredible story.