11/23 – EPDRA Day #2

EPDRA Day #2

Our second day with EPDRA was with Vida, who is hilarious, cheerful, booming energy.  She greets you immediately with arms wide open “I like to give hugs” and her enthusiasm  never ends.  We spent three hours wandering the roads and alleys of HoHoe, laughing and joking and, yes, singing.  We sang.  And when I got peed on by a naked little baby I was holding, Vida suggested, “That means your pregnant!”  Hah-hah.

Vida and Kitties
More Money Hair Cut
Blessed Preparatory School
Red Sauce
Vida asked, “Why are you taking pictures of a toilet?”
Beans and Grains
Grain Lady
Red Peppers
Vida, Heidi, and a precious baby (that didn’t pee on me) sandwich

The interesting thing about HoHoe – and Ghana – is that stores are often named with the intention of inspiring customers.  Many of these name incorporate religion and beliefs.

Love’s Rice
Leap Tomatoes
Me and Vida

Market Trip

Monday and Fridays were “market day”, and our Monday market trip got rained out so we tried it again on Friday.  Francis walked us around and introduced us to the friendlier of the merchants.  It was a cloudy day with an occasional sprinkle of rain.

HoHoe Market
Ghanaians put on a serious face for the camera.  The only way to get this little girl to smile was to show her my own
Waving Goodbye
Happy Fish Lady
Coal Lady
Cute Kids

Afternoon Errands

After the market we swung by Miss Divine’s seamstress shop to pick up our goods.  She made me a skirt, a few headbands, and a few little coin purses.  I was so happy with them!

Miss Divine’s Shop – my coin purses and headbands on the bottom of the picture

Susan and I decided to take a walk into town for a soda or two (a real treat to us, since there’s nothing like that in Home Base).  Twenty minutes down the road we realized that neither of us brought any money with us – but we did get some great pictures of Bangalore road.

Bangalore Road
No Weapon Latest Fashion
Sweet Girls
Goats and Boats (?)
Egg anyone?
Small boy who hurdled himself at my legs
Post Rain Reflection

More souvenir shopping

Andreia wanted to return to Akuna Matata – an artist shop – for another print, so we took at taxi back into HoHoe and then walked back.  I took the time to enjoy some local shop pictures.

Good Question
Big Nana Hair Club
God is Life Fashion
By HIs Grace Super Market
Hair Pilotting
Sunset over HoHoe

Obama Gardens

To celebrate our last night in HoHoe, after dinner we all went to an outdoor bar called “Obama Gardens” after, yes, our President.  It was an open-air bar with plastic tables and chairs and a disco light that reflected off the grass.  We ordered a few rounds of beers and presented Isaac with his 40th birthday present: a bag full of HoHoe goodies.

Obama Gardens
Table O’ Beer
Happy Celebrators: L to R: Ivan, Francis, Andreia, Isaac, Lea, Susan, Vida. Dale, Celeste, Heidi, and Kitty
Deep thoughts.

Back at Home Base, we set up our last table of spoons – and this time we played with elimination rules.  Bittersweet, for sure, but no less brutal.