11-23: Misool

As with any liveaboard/dive resort, there’s a daily schedule that you may (or may not) choose to follow:

  • 7AM – First breakfast (delicious toast!)
  • 8AM – Dive #1
  • 9AM ish – Second Breakfast
  • 11:15 – 11:45 – Dive #2
  • 1PM ish – Lunch (Evvy and I called this “Third Breakfast”)
  • 2:00 or 3:00 – Dive #3
  • Snacks/nap/picture comparisons (“Fourth Breakast”)
  • 6:30 – Night Dive (if applicable, which it often was)
  • 7:30 – whenever – Dinner (“Fifth Breakfast)

Indonesia is known for its colorful, extensive, stunning reefs, but also for it’s “macro” life. Meaning teeny, tiny, interesting things like pygmy sea horses and nudibranchs. Most of my diving in recent years has been with “big fish”: sharks, whales, dolphins, hammers, etc (aka Wide lens shots). So I haven’t been in a place where the people and photographers are focused solely on macro subjects. It was an interesting lesson… read on.

Dive #1: Boo Window

Dive briefing

Evvy, taking pictures of her favorite things: anemone fish

Octopus in its hole

Boo Window

Evvy swimming (aka fighting the strong current) through Boo Window



Dive #2: South West
I stayed around the same area while the photographers shot marine life. The current was relatively strong but that means loads and loads of fish. Indonesia really is like swimming in an aquarium.

Sangut and our dive briefing
Dive #3: Fiabacet “Nudibranch Hunt”
Only Ben, Colin, Nana and I were on the dive, so we had Sangut and Marcus at our beck and call. While the other three were outfitted with huge cameras and focused on shooting macro, I was happy just to look and observe. Though of course I got some pictures as well. Ten minutes into the dive I followed Sangut’s lead and used my flashlight to light dark little holes and caves where interesting creatures may be hiding.

I managed to find my own little nudibranch, but after a false call where I thought I found an interesting looking nudi but it was actually just a very very small soft coral. Sangut laughed at me underwater for that one.

Ghost pipefish


Pygmy sea horse (the little guy in the very middle of the picture)

For fun, here are some pictures of the resort. This is pretty much all the pictures you’re going to see through these journals: underwater, and the resort.

Eco Garden. I don’t know how, but somehow this filters our toilet. Try not to dwell on that too much.

View from our bungalow

The little crab that lives at the base of our bungalow stairs