11-22: Misool

Pics from our room:

Evvy on our deck

Our bungalow

Stairs from our deck

Our bungalow

Finally, after three days of travel – a DIVE DAY!

WetPixel booked the entirety of Misool Eco-Resort, so it was a great group and most of whom already knew each other. We were split into two dive boats: the Pink boat and the Blue boat.

We were Blue, and on our boat we had:
Sangut – our dive leader
Marcus – our second dive master
Me and Evvy
David from California
Ai-lin from Singapore
Bin from Shanghai
Nana from Bangkok
Colin from London (by way of Bangkok)

In the Pink boat:
Lauren – the dive master
Julie and Cor

Dive #1: Boo Window
The traditional “Get to know me dive” that’s necessary on every dive trip. Different dive buddies… different dive shop and system… and a general “get used to what goes where” type of dive. Like the fact that the transmitter on my integrated air system is on the fritz (probably a battery problem) so I wasn’t getting an air gauge on my computer. I had to go old school and quickly install a traditional air gauge instead – which was on my right side rather than the traditional left. No major problems, just all things to get used to.

But back to “Boo Window” dive site. It was gentle and lovely and I managed to get some shots in:


Yellow striped goatfish

Dive #2: Potato Point

My camera didn’t turn on for this dive, so no pictures. But it was nice and I learned that most of Indonesia diving is essentially an endless search for pygmy sea horses. Especially when diving with photographers who are shooting macro. They love this stuff.

Eric’s picture of a pygmy, though this pic wasn’t taken on this trip but rather in the Solomon Islands. I’m including it for demonstration purposes, since there was a lot of pygmy talk and my camera certainly can’t show this detail.
Dive #3: Faibacet
I left the camera on land because there were drops of water in the casing, so I was free to dive and just look. I love capturing moments and marine life in my camera but sometimes it’s nice just to swim.

This dive was certainly a pygmy dive. There were lots of tiny things to see and our fellow divers were very kind in pointing them out to us. At one point Ben was photoing something and he pointed it out on the reef. Clearly I couldn’t see it, so he pulled it up on his camera display so I could see this photo. I think they were nudis but I still couldn’t see them on the reef in front of me, however I nodded emphatically for him: “Yes! I see it!” Evvy, who witnessed this entire exchange, came to find out what it was and asked me underwater, “What is it?” I shrugged: “I dunno.” She laughed so hard she got water up her nose.

We also saw a ghost pipefish and tiny nudibranchs at the end (what IS that lovely blue one?)

Dive #4: Night dive.
I’m a wreck underwater with a camera at night. I’m all over the place… can’t get neutrally balanced… doing more damage than good. I tried to rig a strobe using my underwater flashlight but that didn’t work so well. Maybe if I had three or four hands. Eventually I gave up and put the camera away, and then it was a really lovely dive. Here’s what we saw:
* Crabs
* Shrimp
* Lion Fish (no one cared, though I did drag Ben over to see)
* Teeny tiny little nudibranch
* I Found my own nudibranch, which I showed to Sangut and he then showed to some photographers who took pictures of it. This made me feel somehow vindicated for my lion fish snafu.

Spiny lobster. I love the blue colors

Coral Banded Shrimp

This is what a night dive looks like when you look up. All dark with splotches of flashlights.

Lion fish