11-21: Jakarta to Misool

Evvy and I both were awake at 1:30AM because we couldn’t sleep – too much worry about missing flight. Got to airport security at 2:30AM and waited until they opened it at 3:00AM. Nothing much to report about our 5:00 flight to Makassar and 9:30 flight to Sorong, except that the seats on these 737-sized planes are not made for tall Westerners. There was honestly no legroom at all.

In Sorong, we got off at the tiny airport and met our transfer to Misool – our own private charter. The boat ride was about a 4.5-hour trip through gorgeous islands and calm water. Also with us: potatoes, rice, someone’s scuba bag, and our boxed lunches for the long ride.

Evvy on our boat

Fishing boats

Setting sun

Finally, just as the sun set we arrived at the Misool Eco Resort and were shown to our room; a gorgeous bungalow on stilts above the water. We were tired and worn down from two days of stress and travel, so we had dinner with the folks we knew and were off to bed.

Our room

Sunset from our room